Winter Trends to Make Your Look Bold and Beautiful

Colder weather doesn’t mean that you have to pile yourself up with clothes. Why look bulky when you have variety of winter clothes that can flatter your figure? Here are some of the winter trendy clothes for give you a flattering look. Want to shop some new clothes? Check out the list…

  1. Casual Tailored Blazers  

This is a structured blazer much like that of the Victoria’s secret jacket. Made from stretch cotton, this blazer features a stylish single button closure. Your waistline and shoulder is defined aptly when you wear this jacket for any occasion. You are bound to attract the attention of the others.
Casual Tailored Blazers

  1. Brimmed Hats

Brimmed hats work wonders with the latest fashion trend. It highlights your cheekbones, emphasizes your brow’s arch and defines the jawline perfectly. This winter, you will find some woolen brimmed hats that match perfect with your trendy winter clothes. Pair your dress with a brimmed hat and look gorgeous!

  1. Belted Puffa Coats   

Puffa jackets are not anything new. Isn’t it? They have been in vogue for years but this year, the jackets are designed in a more sophisticated fashion. This winter you will get belted, long-line puffa jacket which looks quite similar to the quilted, glossy Calvin Klein jacket. Look smart with puffa coats this winter!

  1. Wide Belts  

Are you planning to wear a dress or tunic for the festive season? Why don’t you pair it up with a wide belt? Wearing such a belt will instantly give you an hourglass figure. The pretty buckle of this belt attracts the attention of the others towards the center of the entire dressing. So, in a moment you look slimmer. How about that?

  1. Lace Dresses having Sleeves   

Whenever you wear some sleeveless dress, you tend to cover it up with a cardigan. Here is an easy way to deal with this problem. You can shop the staple evening wear of this season – lace dress having long sleeves. This dress comfortably covers your arms giving you’re a photogenic and flattering look. Lace dress with a belt – what can be more fashionable than this for the winter months?

  1. Necklaces with Long Pendant

V-neckline dresses define the conventional fashion statement. But you can look flattering even in a crewneck dress. Wearing a long pendant necklace with a crewneck dress give you V-neckline look. So, you can have the same effect with this latest trendy necklace. Look for some eye-catching and unique pendant to suit your fashion statement!

  1. Blouses with Bows

Ladylike bow on some chic blouse gives modern and classic look in any season and any occasion. If you can embellish this bow on the center of your body passing through the neckline, nothing can be like it. It gives a true slim look. Whether you are wearing a satin skirt or jeans, a blouse with this design is sure to make you the center of attraction.
So, what’s your pick for the season? Compliment yourself with the latest winter fashion trends!

Author’s Bio: Charles Malcolm is associated with the fashion world. He is also a regular viewer of the DISH channel on fashion. He appreciates the DISH network promotions for the viewers of different genres.

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