Overalls and Overall Shorts New 2014 Trend Spotted

Many celebrities appear in overalls, as they know for sure, this wardrobe piece is so much comfortable and easy to wear. Look at Keira Knightley who seems to love her denim overalls, it looks unique and stylish (much better then super tight jeans, that use every woman imho).
Overalls and Overall Shorts

It is very interesting to know that overalls/dungarees are coming back in fashion lately. It’s funny, as I was wondering few months ago about this trend comeback and what you know, it really comes back. Well, if you lived in 1990’s, then I think you know quite a lot about this piece, some of girls hate it, some of them, like me, love them so much, as there are so many styles that can be worn with other wardrobe pieces, so I guess it’s time to welcome back overalls in fashion.

Overalls can be made of different fabrics, starting from silks to denim. There are different styles and color variations on overalls, like geometric take, cut-outs, overall shorts, color-blocked styles, some simple styles and even evening variations that are made of luxe fabrics.

One thing is sure about overalls/dungarees is that they are made for your comfort and for simple wear. Nowadays, many brands offer them styled with high heels, but listen, try to do things simple. Here below you will find lots of beautiful examples of how to wear dungarees and how to style them.

Overall Shorts

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