Marilyn Monroe Styles

Today’s topic will be Marilyn Monroe style. I’ve always been admired by her style and looks; and it’s no wonder, that this beauty girl is still a style icon. I think nobody figured out why she is still teaching us style lessons. Here I’ve collected some rare photos of Marilyn, where she appears in timeless dresses. It’s no secret, that nowadays you can find many shops (online shops) where you can buy Monroe’s style garments, I’ve print screened one of the shops, where you can style and buy Marilyn’s vintage style clothing. It’s so interesting to see her images and to observe the outfits in which she appeared at different events.
Celebrity Style Marilyn Monroe
She’s a definition of style and beauty. She impersonates beuty, strength, seduction, love and blonde style, so that you can not resist her charm. You will find her wearing sultry looks, flirty day-dresses, oversized sweaters, capri trousers, shorts and many more beautiful outfits.

Here you will see Marilyn Monroe make up styles. She’s best known for those amazing red lips and lashes.

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