Kids Clothes for Spring Summer 2014

New Generals kids Spring-Summer 2014 collection really digs it, if you know what I mean. Indeed, their latest Spring-Summer 2014 collection entitled “Star” was showcased at CIFF in Copenhagen. I tell you for sure, this spring collection looks special and monocromatic. Look at these street fashion inspired pieces, I think every mother who is now wathing these cool sport style outfits is already want to buy some for her lovely son or daughter. So what do we have here, high sneakers in zebra prints and cool white, hoodies, clean outfits, lots of black and white separates, simple tees, ninja trousers, shirtdresses and other amazing looks which might look cool even on adults.
Kids Clothes for Spring Summer 2014

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  1. Elli Seehorn says

    Hideous! What is this?! Because it is not anything I would ever put on my child! This is not fashion! Plus, I don’t see any one of those kids smiling! Whoever created these outfits should quit working with fashion! Is this supposed to be making kids look like teens wearing some kind of weird gothic, hipster, sports sort of clothes. Ugh!

    BTW: I am a mother of 7 and also a stylish fashion girl who actually designs beautiful outfits for my children (ones that they SHOULD be wearing) and hand sews them.

    This is why I didn’t pursue a “professional” fashion career… because I didn’t want to be involved with bad designers and horrible designs like these!

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