Fall Winter 2014 For Women’s Fashion Trends

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to catch the latest fashion trends for the upcoming season, today I am going to share with you some of the biggest trends of the upcoming fall-winter 2013-2014 season.
Fall Winter 2014 For Women’s Fashion Trends
Oxblood red. This cold season we will expect red color to warm our cold bodies as it will exude passion. As darker it is as glossier you look.
Minaudiere. Small accessories always look compact and chic, so why don’t you use small clutched embroidered with studs or sequins in bright colors and retro prints.
Chunky scarf. Neckwear will safe you during the cold and windy time. One thing is important, as you are going to use scarf, then try to wear oversized knit scarves that come in grey and bright warm hues.
Doctor’s bag. These classic doctor’s bags come in elegant shapes and sophisticated styles, so that you don’t have to worry about changing it so quickly.
Bejeweled. New fall season is all about glitter and glamour stuff, so it’s time to accessorize all your shoes and bags with a nice dose of jewels and gemstones.
Turtlenecks. This autumn season turtlenecks will stay in fashion, as they look classic and rich. I love turtlenecks for its fashionable fit which can be combined with pants and skirts.
Plush glamor. Plush can be seen on romantic tops to luxurious dresses and streetwise pants.
Chill-out metallic. Evening looks, like evening metallic color dresses look chic an modern, why don’t you experiment with it.
Seductive lace. Lace gives your total look a feminine and romantic look that will seduce everyone around you. This season lace clothing hues are golden, oxblood red, black and white.
Embellished dress. Every girl wants to look uniqe at the ball, that’s why some of them add beautiful decorations.
Pastel temptation. This color makes winter days shorter. This hue evokes ultrafemininity and men’s piece.

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