Denim Overalls Looks For Women

Today’s topic my darling fashionistas will be women denim overalls looks. Yes, I know that a flashback to the 1990’s styles, well who said that the 90’s will never come back into fashion world? Some may hate overalls, as they remember how they wore it in their childhood, yet fashion never stops and I must tell it’s quite comfortable wardrobe piece, which can be worn in your usual day life. Today’s streets have lots of great denim overalls and many style bloggers wearing it. Some stylists say overalls take its origin from rap urban life, farmers uniforms, I personally find this garment comfortable and eye-catching, as it’s laid back and boy-meets-girl style. Today’s fashion offers dozens of styles, yet I’d like to speak about denim overalls. I personally like a bit oversized denim overalls, which remind me of boyfriend jeans with kind of vintage look. Any way, let’s start our trip into the world of jean overalls.
Denim Overalls Looks For Women

Long Denim Overalls

Here are showcased long denim overalls which can be oversized (as I already told- my favorite) or tight (smart jumpsuit look), some long designs can be with fuller upper part, some may have eye-catchy cut-outs, to show-off top or blouse.

Short Denim Overalls

Short overalls look cute and girlish to me, they look like little dresses. If you buy a relaxed one, then I advice you to wear it with body-skin top, if you wear tight denim overall, then it’s very important to accessorize your look with different understated accessories.

Both styles look great and the choice of denim color/texture/fabric is limitless. Oh… and there’s one more style I actually really like, I’ve seen Rihanna sporting it in a brilliant way the all-covered-up-denim-overall (it’s not called like that, no idea what it’s called). It’s the long loose overall style with long sleeves and a buttoned top (think denim trousers and denim shirt in one). Riri is looking gorgeous in this light wash denim overalls with classic pumps. Perfect.

How to wear Denim Overalls?

Well, if you ask me about how to style jeans overalls, then it’s quite easy to answer, I advice you to trat them like dresses, layer it with chic outerwear, add hipster like garments, or you can add some crispy white tee underneath overall, that will make you to stand-out the crowd. To underline your uniqueness, I advice you to try on statement necklace, big clutch, beautiful pumps, some gold bracelets and wayfarer shades. If you want something sophisticated, then try on leather jacket on top or make it uraban with hot heels, baseball cap and lots of bling-blings. Any way, the best thing to try is to go classic with white shirt and black blazer on top.

Here below you will find street style looks that feature denim overalls.

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