Christian Dior Fall-Winter Fashion 2012-2013

Christian Dior Fall-Winter Fashion 2012-2013 Collection: I miss John Galliano… I know I’ve already said that when we were discussing Christian Dior’s Spring/ Summer 2012 collection designed by Bill Gaytten. But who could know that Galliano’s absence from the house would be felt event stronger another season later, when the Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 was unveiled?

The problem is not in Gayten actually, he’s a talented man and can create really amazing pieces when the inspiration is right. He is simply not the designer Christian Dior needs. The fashion house, which was long known for its luxurious and truly feminine pieces, can’t focus on simplicity. And despite the fact Dior was good under Gaytten it was a pretty uninteresting period in the label’s history. Maybe I’m speaking about Gaytten as ‘history’ too early but after the unimpressive Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 range he will hardly stay at the position long.

Christian Dior Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 collection wasn’t very bad, it was lovely and elegant, but a little bit dull. It started well, with dresses and skirts in midi lengths and the accent on waists, but nothing special followed – restrained coats, classy jackets, several floor-length evening dresses and few accessories, including ugly hats.

All pictures in Christian Dior Fall-Winter Fashion 2012-2013:

Christian Dior Fall-Winter Fashion 2012-2013 Collection very lovely

Christian Dior Fall-Winter Fashion 2012-2013 Collection very lovely

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