Celebrity Hair Stylists Help Stars Look Great

Celebrity Hair Stylists Help Stars Look Great

When it comes to having great hair, the stars pretty much never have a bad hair day because people like Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears have celebrity hair stylists to ensure that their hair always looks its best. They have their stylists on speed dial and can call people like famous celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves the second their hair gets a tiny bit out of place.

Everyday people may not be able to call up a hair stylist at a moment’s notice to fix their bad hair days, but they can take some tips from the stars to help their hair look great as well.
Celebrity Hair Stylists

Borrow Tips from Celebrity Hair Stylists

Most stars have both a celebrity hair stylist and someone else that is an expert on coloring their hair when they need it. They have determined that it’s best to keep these two things separate to get the best results. For example, sometimes these two work in a team like celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan and stylist Ken Paves, who work for several famous people on both coasts. Working together helps them to come up with the best look for their clients.

Hair stylists like J. Lo’s Oribe also help her to know what color hues work the best with the shape of their face and their facial coloring. Then, the color expert can actually do the hair coloring task and it’s a sure deal she will look her best. The moral is to try to find both a stylist and someone who is an expert in coloring hair to make your hair look like you had it done by a famous stylist.

Hair Stylists Know that Maintenance Means Everything

Another tip from the stars and their celebrity hair stylists is that you have to keep up the maintenance on your locks or they will soon look horrible and you will suffer the consequences. For instance, the stars often have their stylists like Paves and Hazan come to freshen up their hair and can be seen getting on a plane at a moment’s notice from their star clients. Likely you can’t afford to fly your hair stylist to you if you are on vacation and have a hair emergency, but you can still regularly have your hairstyle maintained and freshened up by going to your hair stylist regularly.

Hairstyle specialists can tell you exactly what the best products are for your type of hair. It’s not just them who know how to do this for their clients. Listen to your own hairstylist and do what they tell you when it comes to maintaining your best look.

The bottom line is that every star has their own celebrity hair stylist to make them look perfect at all times. Maybe you can’t do this, but you can still have great hair by using some of their favorite tips.

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  1. Andy Naylor says

    Some great tips in here. It’s all about what works for you and suits your hair type and face shape . Get those bits right and you half way there.

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