Celebrity Fitness – Subject of Envy & Desire

Who doesn’t want to look attractive? Besides giving you a healthier and longer life, consciousness about health and fitness also makes you look younger, fitter and better. While all of us would want to have lean and toned bodies, for celebrities it is not a matter of choice.  Celebrity fitness is a matter of international media debate and in their line of work film stars and sportsmen need to look their best.

Often we hear the buzz about actresses and models gaining or losing weight. While Indian actress Aishwarya Rai is currently in the news for the startling increase in her weight, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been making headlines for quite some time owing to her stick thin figure and gaunt look. It should be noted that men and women need to control their weight and prevent it from tipping over on either sides of the health scale.

Celebrity Fitness – Subject of Envy & Desire

Celebrity Fitness – Subject of Envy & Desire

Over the years there have been some who have set very high benchmarks for celebrity fitness. The most famous example is of course Austrian born former American professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former governor of California won the Mr. Universe pageant at a young age of 20. His philosophy is that weight lifting and body building require equal attention to training routines, nutritional intake and mental approach.

Schwarzenegger’s workout has been made famous by thousands of followers who wish to walk in his footsteps. His weight control strategies concentrated a lot on calorie cycling. This includes highly calculated amounts of nutritional intake coupled with days of high and low calorie diets to facilitate the metabolism. He believed that when a person is on a low calorie diet to reduce weight for a long time, it slows down their metabolism which makes further weight loss very difficult. He explained that it is better to set weekly goals and distribute them unevenly over the days.

Actor Salman Khan is almost single handily responsible for bringing body building to the Indian silver screen and motivating two generations of the country’s men to build their muscles and get a perfect body. Due to his acting commitments Khan is very busy and often has to start his workout late at night, though his discipline is such that the still manages to dedicate at least two hours every day. His workout routine includes one hour of cardio and then heavy exercises that concentrate on any two body parts – triceps, legs, back or biceps. His trainer Mr D’Souza proudly informs the media that the actor sets a high standard for celebrity fitness by doing five hundred crunches, pull-ups and chin-ups. Another trainer Manish Advilkar who trained Salman Khan affirms the same.

Model turned actor John Abraham is known for a physique which draws the envy of millions of men. Gifted with an athletic body the actor has largely indulged in outdoor sports activities like football and basketball. His daily routine includes weight lifting and kick boxing sessions together with regular cardio exercises. Reportedly John is a pure vegetarian and does not believe in taking extra supplements. This is great news for all vegetarians who were disheartened due to the common belief that eating non-vegetarian food is a must for acquiring all the necessary proteins.

Coming back to international celebrity fitness, Hollywood actress Jessica Biel has an amazingly toned and healthy body. Her workout consists of light cardio on the treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical is best for women’s fitness. She also does squat jumps, push-ups, sit-ups, side bridges and crunches. Weight lifting and sports are of course an integral part of the workout. To follow a similar routine experienced people can begin with 15 – 20 pound weights while beginners can start with 5 – 10 pounds.

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