1920′s and Great Gatsby Clothing Style

It’s no secret, that The Great Gatsby movie made everyone crazy about 1920’s American classic clothing style. Baz Luhrmann’s visuals made me feel the glam of those days and it seems to me that Jazz Age is still alive. It’s no doubt that modern audience will like costumes of the movie that was styled and designed by Luhrmann’s wife, Catherine Martin. All costumes feature lots of details, luxe accessories, lavish jewels. Jazz Age might be gone, but the history and style remains in today’s fashion world. In this post you will find some inspirational outfits that will look exhausted.
1920′s and Great Gatsby Clothing Style

Let’s take a look at movie’s character Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) who is beautiful and fool. She’s a golden girl of that decade. Look at this lavender dress on her, so bright and airy, featuring lace accents.

To rock the similar outfit in modern days life I advice you to try on this outfit, that includes: cut-out sandals, lace wrap cardigan, frock, drop earrings, beaded headband.

Jordan Baker (Elizabeth Debicki) isn’t good girl, but she has style and she knows how to manipulate with people. She has that Jazz Age edgy look and she knows how to play golf.

If you want to wear her style which is a bit modernized for nowadays, then try on cropped khaki pants, floral button up, retro sunglasses, oxfords and cloche hat.

Myrtle Wilson (Isla Fisher) looks glamour and so cute. I love her bold style and that red dress and t-strap pumps, which makes her so hot. To have a similar outfit just buy feminine red dress, lace cardigan, head wrap, pumps and pearl necklace to have the same perfect glam style, just finish the look with bright red lipstick.

Indeed, The Great Gatsby is back, and 1920’s retro flapper dresses, pearls, red lips and nude colors come back in town.

Here below you will find some inspirational images that for sure will help you to make your own Great Gatsby 1920 look.

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