The Process of Manufacturing a Handmade Bag

Handmade Bag

The Process of Manufacturing a Handmade Bag The phrase “handmade bag” has been used in all possible contexts, but do you actually know how handmade bags are made? How is the manufacturing process different for handmade bags and machine-made goods? Let’s take a look at the basics of creating a handbag. The body of the bag The methods used to create handbags will vary … [Read more...]

How to Buy the Right Sized Footwear for Girls Online

Footwear for Girls

How to Buy the Right Sized Footwear for Girls Online Online shopping has numerous advantages. There are many websites that have come up today and each of these websites offers their products at competitive prices with good deals and discounts. One can get a wide variety of footwear, bags for girls or even western dresses online in attractive designs and prices which can be … [Read more...]

Online Shopping – A Windfall to Shoppers

Online Shopping

Online Shopping - A Windfall to Shoppers The concept of online shopping has gained immense popularity in the modern era. People are vehemently ordering the digital stuff, apparels, food items and much more from the websites. These websites offer their desired products at an affordable price range. It has become an international trend. The digital stores are preferred more, … [Read more...]

Popular Hair Trends You Should Consider For Your Next Look

Popular Hair Trends

Popular Hair Trends You Should Consider For Your Next Look A fresh new look is a great way to face the up-coming fall. Short and sassy is still a huge hit but there are many longer styles that are also popular. Check out these six trendy styles for the on point look of the season. Braid It Up For Class Simple and sleek, small braids are in for autumn in every … [Read more...]

The few essentials!

Planning a trip

The few essentials! Planning a trip? Are your feet feeling itchy to board a plan? Having a bad case of wanderlust? Need to catch your flight to Kuala Lumpur in 2 hours time?  Well along with the trip would come the need to do some packing as well which not really a enjoyable activity. What to take with you that will make you look/ cute/ hot/ and any other appearance that you … [Read more...]

Enhance Exquisite

Leather Handbags

An incomplete wardrobe is simply incomplete unless you have the “be and all” that makes you feel complete after a dress up. A classy garment selection is the first step, but there is more to the art of “looking the part” than mere threads and fabric. And whilst we’re not teaching aspiring females to be judged by their covers, let’s all remember that a glossy cover is still … [Read more...]

What to Look For Before Buying Safety Footwear?

Safety Footwear

Safety footwear has been worn for a number of reasons that include restaurant work, motorcycle riding, while working in industries and during construction work. While buying the safety footwear, the first thing that is needed to be checked is its safety factor. After safety, fashion comes second, most importantly when one is going to purchase work footwear. As per the … [Read more...]

Ways to Have a Glamorous Lifestyle

Glamorous Lifestyle

A glamorous lifestyle is something which every man and woman craves for, irrespective of the fact of how much bank balance he or she has. Glamour is an attitude rather a tangible asset, which drives other people to envy you and you become a center of attraction for the whole world. Here are some Top 10 facts to have a glamorous lifestyle: Dress Well The best way to … [Read more...]

The Winter Will be Colourful

Alice olivia fall winter

The Winter Will be Colourful It’s understandable that people often bemoan winter; harsh winds, frozen rains and the occasional snow drift do much to inform the negative image many associate with the final season of the year. Now usually we’d just wrap up warm in all manner of dark colours and unflattering overcoats, but this winter’s fashion might yet buck that rather demure … [Read more...]

10 Must-Have Items For A Fashion First Aid Kit

10 Must-Have Items For A Fashion First Aid Kit

10 Must-Have Items For A Fashion First Aid Kit Spending hard earned money wisely isn’t an easy feat for most fashion conscious women; myself included. With today’s cost of living, socialising, dressing up, dressing down and fashion hunting to contend with it often feels like there’s just not enough money to suffice. That’s why, sometimes, a girl’s got to be resourceful in … [Read more...]